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Zirconia grinding beads

Zirconia grinding beads Zirconia grinding beads Zirconia grinding beads
Product name:Zirconia grinding beads
Item:BT-ZCG Series

Zirconia grinding media have a variety grinding application in high speed vertical & horizontal mills. It is especially an idea grinding media for speedy micro-fine wet milling and dispersion of high viscous formulation.


1. Good sphericity, smooth surface


2. Less breakage and good abrasive feature


3. High density, excellent grinding efficiency





1.      Dielectric material, piezoelectric materials, capacitor.


2.      Chemical material, paint, pigment, printing ink, dye.


3.      Advanced ceramic material, frits and glazes, quartz, silicon carbide, talc.


4.      Base and precious metal such as gold, silver, copper, PGM, and titanium.


5.      White minerals, calcium carbonate, zirconium silicate and other minerals.


6.      Food stuff, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.


Typical sizes:


Φ0.1; Φ0.2; Φ0.4-0.6; Φ0.6-0.8; Φ0.8-1.0; Φ1.0-1.2; Φ1.2-1.4; Φ1.4-1.6; Φ1.6-1.8; Φ1.8-2.0; Φ2.0-2.5;Φ3;Φ5;Φ10.



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